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Character, quality, variety, brand-the company's ever-changing way to win in the market.

Hengli: A dazzling star in the auto parts industry

In the domestic auto parts industry, there is a name-"Hengli". It is a household name in domestic axle factories and OEMs. Today, Hengli has developed into a leader in the domestic heavy-duty trucks and large and medium-sized passenger car brake industries. The company is the first batch of brake member units of the China Automobile Industry Association, a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a key backbone enterprise in Jingjiang City. "Hengli" trademark was rated as a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province.

If you walk into Hengli Company, you will be attracted by the pick-up vehicles that are growing in the factory area, the reminders who can meet the accents everywhere, and the boss is overwhelmed by the phone call for goods.

Why is the Hengli brand so famous? Why are Hengli's products so popular?

Gently counterclockwise the time hand, let us trace back the course of constant force ...

Climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix, affiliated to "Dongfeng", the basket sale is on the Daya Hall

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Hengli's predecessor is Jingjiang Automobile Brake Factory, which is an old enterprise founded in the late 1950s. In the early years, it produced all kinds of standard fasteners, and began to switch to auto parts in the late 1970s. It just started to produce brake master cylinders. Due to the constraints of the planned economic system, after 30 years of slow crawling, it has never come out of the predicament of single products, small batches, and sales of maintenance parts. The output value has hovered around 10 million yuan.

At the beginning of 1992, Xu Qizhao was appointed as the director of the organization. At the beginning of his tenure, he led a group of people to calmly analyze the situation of the domestic and foreign auto industries, and acutely discovered that the key to affecting the performance of the car is the engine, and the second is the brake. The performance of the brake is very important for domestic cars. China's automobile industry is a rising industry with huge potential for development. Everyone identified the brake as the company's leading product, and determined to compete for the market and create a brand in the domestic automotive brake industry.

Hengli people are determined to step out of the closed circle and seek attachment and union. Under Xu Qizhao's painstaking management, the company has achieved success again and again:
In November 1993, it was officially listed in marriage with "Nanjing Dongfeng" and became its branch. That year, we doubled production and sales. It is reputed as the only “three-nothing enterprise” without quality disputes, no price disputes, and no emotional disputes among more than 180 cooperative supporting factories;

In the same year, the company changed its name to Jiangsu Hengli Brake Manufacturing Company. The name "Hengli" implies eternal vitality, eternal cohesion and eternal development;

In April 1994, with the courage and courage to promise "the EQ145 brake assembly sample can be taken out in just two months", the company won from the remaining three powerful competitors and won the right to trial production. Hengli did not expect to surrender qualified samples in advance, and then completed the mission equally well in the military bridge supporting. Dongfeng Motor Group and Jiangsu Hengli signed a 15-year "Direct Product Supply Agreement". Hengli finally realized the dream of "Dongfeng". The company changed from "basket sale" and "guerrilla warfare" to "big sale" and "position warfare." The company's business model and production and sales structure have undergone fundamental changes.

Diversified development and market expansion

After successfully affiliated with "Dongfeng", Hengli people were not satisfied. Instead, they played the "Dongfeng card", responded to the market, and diversified development, promoted the all-round and serial development of the brakes, and extended the market's tentacles to Liuqi, XCMG, Manufacturers of automobiles and engineering vehicles such as FAW, JAC, Ankai, North Benz and Iveco.

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In order to grab market information, the company dispatched salespersons in the automotive industry clusters of Shiyan, Liuzhou, Hefei, and Changchun to set up local research and development institutions to provide timely feedback on the development of new models in the market. The company has established the development policy of "synchronous development and advanced development with the OEM", "people without me, people with me, and win by speed", and establishes the development of "new products, new markets, new prices, new stamina" Concept, often new car manufacturers have not yet made their brakes, and their brakes have already been sampled at Hengli.

In order to improve the speed of product development, the company set up a product research institute, and internally set up a new product development network that integrates research, research and development, trial production, and testing, and gives priority to green funding along the way.

In terms of marketing strategy, the company has formulated a market that "expands the market with products and seizes the commanding heights of the market", "revolves production around sales and revolves around the market", "grabbing key points, attacking important households, securing large households, and not abandoning one user" policy. Establish market concepts such as "the market can be without constant force, constant force cannot be without the market", and "there must be no sun". For more than ten years, no matter the market flowers are blooming, Hengli can always smile at Yun Shuyun and calmly respond, "East is not bright and the West is bright."

Proactively seeking matching opportunities, introducing innovations to continuously meet market demand, Hengli has embarked on a road of large-scale, large-scale and professionalization. Nowadays, the series of products has been realized, which can not only meet the brakes for medium-ton tonnage trucks and passenger cars, but also for 3 ton light trucks, various engineering vehicles, and special vehicles; not only drum brakes but also pneumatic disc brakes; Brakes and oil brakes; not only for domestic civilian vehicles, but also for military and export vehicles. Hengli has now become a designated supplier for domestic famous automakers such as FAW, Dongfeng, JAC, Liuqi, Ankai, Beiqi Foton, Shaanxi Automobile, North Benz, Iveco, Jiangling, Yutong, Jinlong, Huanghai Bus, etc. Close cooperative relationship. Hengli brake accompanied the whole vehicle to all corners of the country, went abroad, galloped at home and abroad, and strengthened the national car.

Reform and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, among the industry's first sector

By the end of the 20th century, with the continuous growth of enterprises, the old system and old concepts that had been revealed internally had severely restricted the development of enterprises. When the spring tide of restructuring surging the earth, Hengli resolutely chose to reform and joined the ranks of the first batch of collective enterprises in Jingjiang. After two restructurings in 2000 and 2003, Hengli changed from a large collective enterprise to a private joint-stock enterprise with more vitality and potential.

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During the restructuring process, we carried out drastic reforms in personnel, employment and distribution systems, innovated business mechanisms, implemented the principles of "leanness, efficiency", "posts depend on competition, and income depends on contributions", and implemented a front-line worker's piece-rate wage system and managerial post performance wages. System, the implementation of individual rewards for quality research, process improvement, new product development, rationalization suggestions, etc., restructuring has injected vitality into the enterprise.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, how to make enterprises become evergreens, constantly enhance their core competitiveness, and always become the winner of the market, this is a question that Xu Qizhao, the helm of Hengli, often thinks about. In order to pressurize himself, he put forward a steady development goal of 30% annual increase and the work requirement of "businesses must make progress every day", and used various meetings to instill the team's awareness of entrepreneurship, development and crisis. The company has established a regular office meeting system every Monday and a regular quality meeting system every two weeks. The most frequently occurring words in the company are "quality", "cost", "product development", "process technology advancement", "adaptability to the market" and so on.

Be superior and stronger and implement brand strategy. Passenger car axles are one of the key assemblies on passenger cars. They can make their debut in passenger car axles, which can fully demonstrate their strength and continuously improve product performance. The company launched a boutique image project, highlighting passenger car brakes, continuously improving quality, building a quality dyke, winning with quality, and fostering the Hengli brand.

Speed up technological innovation and enhance core competitiveness. We are willing to invest in process equipment and testing methods, and arrange 5 million yuan in technical transformation funds each year to establish a testing center with the most complete testing equipment and the most advanced testing methods in the same industry in China. With the ability to inspect and inspect the entire process from the blank to the various processes and the finished product leaving the factory. While hiring scientific and technological talents, self-cultivating talents, and based on independent development, strengthen cooperation in production, learning and research. In 2005, it co-constructed a R & D center with Jiangsu University, which was rated as Taizhou-level Engineering Technology Center. The company developed a high-tech product with international standards and a number of independent intellectual property rights-pneumatic disc brakes, which has been recognized and promoted by many luxury passenger car and heavy truck manufacturers.

Sharpen a sword in ten years. Hengli people's unremitting pursuit of "manufactured by heart, and achieving new highs" has now ranked among the first in the domestic brake industry. Hengli products have become the first choice of many auto companies, especially passenger car brakes have become the supporting products designated by passenger car companies. .

People-oriented, build corporate culture, and steadily move towards the future

Small businesses make products, and big enterprises make culture. Hengli has come along all the way, giving birth to a unique corporate culture. "Unity and innovation, Hengli development" is the entrepreneurial spirit of Hengli people; "Manufactured with heart, and always creating new heights" is the pursuit of Hengli people; "User needs are our goal" is Hengli people's business philosophy; "Insist on quality First, striving for the creation of a well-known brand, advocating continuous improvement, and enhancing customer satisfaction "is Hengli's quality policy;" striving to be the number one brand in the industry and strive to be the leader "is Hengli's vision. "Be the first person in the market", "Talent is the first resource", "Nothing trivial in quality", "In the company, meticulously do your job is dedication", "Plasticize the character first, then rebuild the quality", "The company creates first-class "Brands, individuals do top-notch work," and other cultural concepts have become popular. Since 2000, learning from Jianghuai culture, "all-people learning, systematic thinking", "the world must do the details", "quality only has the world" and so on have enriched the connotation of Hengli culture.

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As the leader of Hengli Company, Xu Qizhao is both the founder and the practitioner of Hengli culture. In 2003, he summed up the eight-character policy of "character, quality, variety, and brand" to win the market. He put "character" first, thinking that the market share is the share of the people's hearts. To be an enterprise, you should be the first person. . Inside the company, Xu Qizhao's unselfish character, devotion to the factory, a serious and responsible attitude, and a courageous personality all have a subtle influence on employees. Learning advanced management concepts, promoting system innovation, strengthening management functions, improving middle-level execution, paying close attention to training and education, improving the quality of the workforce, and encouraging employees' fighting spirit. These basic and critical tasks are not only orderly but also effective.

Caring for employees, respecting talents, and implementing humanized management are fully reflected in Hengli. Provide housing for external staff and help them with their children's education. Hold seminars for external staff at least once a year to care about their working and living conditions. Every Spring Festival, it is customary for Hengli to send gifts for Spring Festival condolence to single employees who are left behind. The company's new factory building is under construction. It integrates accommodation, culture, entertainment, sports and other living facilities. Air-conditioning and cable TV are installed to provide employees with a warm and comfortable living environment. As brake products, it is mainly cast iron processing, with high physical labor intensity and severe pig iron dust. The company has arranged funds of nearly one million yuan to purchase multiple vacuum cleaners, and has also added manual forklifts, transfer station appliances, etc. to reduce the physical exertion of frontline employees. By introducing 5S management, we implemented on-site improvements to create a clean and safe environment for employees. In order to inspire employees to love the factory and work, organize advanced employees to travel every year. In May this year, the company also organized the children of the middle-level cadres of the production line to travel to Wuxi in return for their support and understanding of the family giving up rest, dedication to the company, and rarely accompanying the family. Constantly enriching and developing the constant force culture has enhanced employees' sense of belonging to the company, and the company's development has an inexhaustible source.

On July 31, 2007, Hengli moved to a new plant. After many vicissitudes, the company has undergone rapid changes. After half a century of ups and downs, today's Hengli is moving steadily into the future with a brand new image. Hengli people understand that there is no police car on the way forward, but they have more reasons to believe that the wise, intelligent, united and practical Hengli people will definitely create new glory and new development in the pursuit of excellence. Style, and then compose a new gorgeous chapter.

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